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Structured Fiber Cabling & Wiring

We connect your business, so you can connect to your customers.

At Batts Business Technology, we understand how important a properly structured and executed physical network infrastructure is to your business. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy installers are recognized in Missouri and Kansas for providing thorough Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber expertise. Our technicians are versed in industry best practices in regards to network mapping, setup, and management.

Structured Cabling for a Properly Wired Infrastructure

Batts' technicians can provide you with concise, structured cabling and wiring.

If your computing infrastructure is an essential cog of your business, chances are you require a comprehensive strategy about how to make your inhouse cabling work best for you. Our technicians can present solutions that will keep your computing infrastructure organized and easy to idenitfy. Our structured network cabling services can improve your bottom-line profitability by saving you time and money by being done properly.  Cabling infrastructure that is poorly labeled and not properly tested creates ongoing expenses and problems when new staff joins the company or employees move to new areas of the building.

Lifetime Warranty

Batts Business Technology is pleased to offer a lifetime warranty on certified installations. The lifetime warranty, which is only available through Hitachi Cable Certified Installers and directly backed by Hitachi Cable, offers a product performance and application assurance warranty. This means that we guarantee that the solution will pass the appropriate category test for the life of the network as well as support all applications designed to operate over that solution. The warranty covers both the cables and all the connective hardware directly attached to the Hitachi cables. It also includes any labor that could be associated with a warranty claim. Only a manufacturer with exceptional confidence in their products would offer a warranty like this.

  • Provides for standards-based verifiable cable performance
  • Enables a range of connectivity options
  • Delivers substantial benefits to the end user
  • Cable is the highest cost component of passive infrastructures
  • Cable determines margin of performance headroom in the link and channel
  • Cable vendor should be lead warranty provider

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