Many businesses have made the transition to fiber for their internet connection as well as fiber inside the walls of their office. Fiber inside of the office is used to extend the main network equipment to a secondary network closet.

Batts helps business internet carriers bring service into the building as well as extend the demarc for fiber service to individual office suites.

As a certified Hubbell installer Batts is able to offer a lifetime warranty on our installations and we have the equipment to certify that the fiber has been installed and terminated properly.

Fiber Verses Copper Carrying Capacity

  • A single copper pair is capable of carrying 6 phone calls
  • A single fiber pair is capable of carrying over 2.5 million simultaneous phone calls (64 channels at 2.5 Gb/s)
  • A fiber optic cable with the same information-carrying capacity (bandwidth) as a comparable copper cable is less than 1% of both the size and weight

Fiber Optic Cable Essentials

  • Imagine a normal road
  • Traffic flows in one direction on the right lane, and flows opposite on the left lane
  • This is Serial Fiber Optic Communication - (transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) over a pair of fibers - a duplex link........fiber is the road

How Does Fiber Optic Cable Work?

In a typical data network, electronic devices called transceivers convert an electrical signal from electrons to photons. The photons travel down the fiber strand. Once at the other end, they are converted back to electrons by the transceiver. Transceivers are used 95% of the time.