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 Unified Communications for Business in Kansas City

What is Unified Communications?

Unfied Communications helps bring multiple applications into one location.  Today companies may use multiple different communications applications rather than one unified solution.  It's possible that companies aren't informed about current applications to benefit their organization. 

Here is a brief introduction to some  of these applications. Call Presence - This application can be configured as an Outlook plug in and staff can update their status to keep co-workers informed.  can show if an employee is out sick, on vacation, in a meeting, on a call, and away from their desk at a glance.  It can also pull from that parties Outlook calendar to give coworkers and receptionists a better understanding of that employees whereabouts and activity.  Call presence goe swell beyond the busy lamp field button.  Unified Messaging - Voicemails can now come to email accounts.  This allows users to know if they have voicemail while checking email.  Messages are played as .wav files, can be stored in folders and forwarded to others as needed. IM - Instant messaging is a great way to bring this application into the telephone system rather than a stand alone.  Messaging can be a great way to communicate when co-workers are on a conference call and you need a quick response.  Messages can also be sent to the display of a phone to get their attention.   File sharing - This application allows staff to discuss and share a file of discussion.  Whiteboard is similiar in that it allows sketches to be down in real time to aid in communication.  Unifed Communication has changed the way companies communicate.

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Batts does a really good job of understanding your people and how they work.  Our consulting allows us to understand how each department may differ in their communications needs and styles. 

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