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ESI Communications Server

Build your entire telecommunications strategy around one of the powerful ESI Communications Servers, knowing that they will easily adapt as your business needs change. The ESI-50, ESI-100, ESI-200, or ESI-1000 can support a traditional business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or a combination of both. Regardless of the model, an ESI Communications Server is easy- to- use and feature-rich, allowing your business to communicate like a major player, enhancing your corporate image and projecting a larger organization to your clients and prospects. Unique integration capabilities mean call-processing efficiency at cost savings never before possible

ESI 55 Business Phone

ESI's 55 Business Phone offers an impressive combination of power and ease-of-use.

    • ESI Products: IP Server 900, ESI Communication Servers (ESI -1000, 600, 200, 100, 50, 50L)
    • Programmable keys: 30 (up to 150 with optional Expansion Consoles)
    • Dedicated Voicemail key
    • Dedicated ESI quick HELP key
    • Integrated headphone jack
    • Display: three-line, 56-character, adjustable backlighting
    • Full-duplex speakerphonethernet IP, 10/100, Ethernet IP; Digital

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