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Differences and Considerations

Cat5e has been around since early 2000.  It provides gigabit speeds for up to 328 feet (including patch cables).  Gigabit LANS are being more and more prominent all the time.  Companies that are moving to the Cloud will be limited to their internet bandwidth rather than the LAN speed.  Kansas City changes that with gigabit speeds now being made available at a cost effective price.  

Cat6 cabling came out shortly after Cat5e and was mainly used as a backbone cable while most workstations had Cat5e.  Cat6 provides 10Gig capability, but that 10Gig can ony be achieved at a distance of 164'.  Cat6 cable performs better than Cat5e cable overall.  Cat6 has more twisted in the pairs and sometimes has an insulator between the pairs.  This creates less inductance into the cable from other power sources.  Cat6 doesn't produce the delay as Cat5e cable over long 300' runs, however it won't be 10Gig.

What's the right choice?

Technology is changing fast!  In our Kansas City market with gigabit WAN connections being widely availble, it makes more sense to spend the extra dollars for Cat6 cabling.  If you have an office where the cabling will be under 164' and you can hande a 25-30% increase in hardware, go for it.  If you are planning on being in your office space for 3 years or less, Cat5e may be the right chose for you.  If you own your building, go Cat6, things will only get faster and you'll have the wiring infrastructure installed now rather than later.

How do I make sure I get the full benefit of Gigabit speeds?  Don't create bottlenecks with 10/100 equipment.  Purchase gigabit switches, gigabit ethernet cards and VOIP phones that support gigabit if you are sharing a cable between your phone and computer.

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Lifetime Warranty

Batts Business Technology is pleased to offer a lifetime warranty on certified installations. The lifetime warranty, which is only available through Hitachi Cable Certified Installers and directly backed by Hitachi Cable, offers a product performance and application assurance warranty. This means that we guarantee that the solution will pass the appropriate category test for the life of the network as well as support all applications designed to operate over that solution. The warranty covers both the cables and all the connective hardware directly attached to the Hitachi cables. It also includes any labor that could be associated with a warranty claim. Only a manufacturer with exceptional confidence in their products would offer a warranty like this.

  • Provides for standards-based verifiable cable performance
  • Enables a range of connectivity options
  • Delivers substantial benefits to the end user
  • Cable is the highest cost component of passive infrastructures
  • Cable determines margin of performance headroom in the link and channel
  • Cable vendor should be lead warranty provider

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