Control Everything.

Want calls to get a live answer from a sales or support queue during office hours and hit an auto attendant after hours?

Want to page all agents at once to save time and energy? Easy.

  • Visual Dial Plan Editor – Drag and drop call routing made simple!
  • Call Reporting/Analytics – Drill down into detailed reporting & graphs
  • Call Center – (real time monitoring and reporting)
  • Call Recording (nominal fee for storage)

Connect Everyone.

The ability to page a group, transfer a call to someone's voicemail, connect 10 people

to a conference bridge, or listen to your messages on your smartphone are not only possible but simple.

  • Desk phone, soft phone, & mobile, it’s all included
  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • 20 Party Conference Bridge for each user
  • Easy Centralized Web Management
  • Mobile App with GEO Fencing DND Settings

Collaborate Everywhere.

Work from home, on the go, remotely, and—when it's time for a break—not at all. Manage the system from any computer, and make calls from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Built in Go-To-Meeting for Collaboration
  • Virtual Fax for All users
  • Mobility
  • Multi-Site Compatibility
  • Voicemail-to-Email

Costs Less.

Enjoy Enterprise Features with no hidden fees!  A small business or startup now has access to a full-featured phone system that would previously have cost thousands of dollars. Hundreds of advanced features come standard, giving your customers an enterprise-quality experience.

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Free Call Recording
  • Unlimited Domestic Minutes
  • Personal Dial Plans